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A practical guide for homeowners and property owners who are ready to reclaim their independence

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An excerpt from How To Get Your Life Back

Real estate is the largest single transaction most people will make in their lifetime.

Yet too few know how to know the truth before they sell (and even more importantly, before they buy or invest).

A surprisingly high number of people don't know how to navigate their way before (or after) the ink has dried.

This is why I've written this short guide on key steps, important milestones and vital warning signs, so you become the master of your life, whether selling a property or investing in one.

All so you can:

  • Reclaim your life
  • Reclaim your legacy
  • Reclaim your self-respect, and
  • Reclaim your future.

I am here to replace the broken model. Let's get started.

Demetri Stakias
Founder, Real Estate Relief

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