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Quick House Sale vs Top-Dollar House Sale

Are you looking to sell your house or property fast, and you're tired of waiting on the real estate market to work in your favor?  Real Estate Relief offers a number of different options for home and property owners.  Traditional home buyers and local real estate agents can only offer limited (and often near-sighted) options to sell your house.  Real Estate Relief is different.

Real Estate Relief's mission has always been to take the deception our of the quick-sale home and property market.  At each step of the process, Real Estate Relief works with you to correctly value your property, to carefully review all your options, and ultimately to sell on your terms.

The Quick & Convenient Sale Option

Real Estate Relief can buy your house or property for cash.  That's right! We pay cash for houses and properties.  Here's how it works:

  • Competitive Cash offer within 24 hours
    When you need money quick, our cash house and property buyers have you covered.  After we receive the information about your property, we carefully evaluate the property and we provide you with a competitive cash offer within those 24 hours.

  • No Showings - No Hassles
    One of the best parts about selling your house or property to Real Estate Relief is that you won't have the hassle of showings or open houses.  There's no need to deep clean your home every other day to be ready for strangers to walk through.

  • Closing Day - It's your choice
    Once Real Estate Relief has provide you with an offer, you get to choose when we close the sale of your home or property.  We can close in days instead of waiting months like with a traditional real estate transaction.
  • Repair Costs are Covered
    Does your house or property need repairs? Real Estate Relief has you covered!  When we purchase your house or property, the hassle and cost of repairs become our problem - not yours.

  • Real Estate Relief Pays All Closing Costs
    Closing costs for selling your home or property are costly, and many people forget to take this cost into consideration when selling their home.  With our cash offer program, you pay no closing costs.  That's right - Real Estate Relief covers the closing costs when we buy your house.

  • No Fees or Commissions
    When Real Estate Relief buys your house, you won't have extra fees or commissions to worry about.

The Top Dollar Option

When you work with Real Estate Relief, you have another option for selling your home or property.  To sell your property fast and for top dollar, you can list your property with Real Estate Relief.  Here's how it works:

  • Maximize the Sale Price
    When you list your home with Real Estate Relief, we fight to get you the highest price possible.  Real Estate Relief works with an extensive buyer network to help achieve your financial goal.

  • More Piece of Mind
    Listing with Real Estate Relief gives you peace of mind knowing that if, for some reason, a buyer backs out or their financing falls through, Real Estate Relief can purchase the house from you.

  • Expertise - At Every Step
    When you list your home or property with Real Estate Relief, you are backed by real estate experts - from listing to closing.  Our experts will help you set the right price, answer your questions, and support you the whole way.

  • Standby Cash Offer
    You always have multiple options for selling your home or property when you list with Real Estate Relief.  If the listing process takes longer than you want, you have our cash offer to fall back on.

  • "Fix & List" Option
    Ask if your home or property qualifies for our Fix & List option.  If your property qualifies, Real Estate Relief will fund, make and complete improvements to help you get a higher sales price in specific situations.

Want to learn more about how Real Estate Relief can help you sell your home or property?  Simply contact us -  there's no obligation.  Let us show you how we've helped others beat the deception of the quick-sell market, so that you can confidentally sell your home.






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Demetri Stakias is the founder of Real Estate Relief, and has been involved in Investment Realty since 2008.  Demetri has over a decade of experience in all facets of construction and renovation, has worked for years as an Accountant and Analyst for large organizations, and a specialization in solar and wind energy installations.

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